Thursday, January 17, 2013

David Johansen Blocks Traffic in Gramercy Park (1977)

Photo by Gary Green
David Johansen posing in the middle of the street, Gramercy Park, Manahattan.  Always with the berets, that DJ!  

Out of all five New York Dolls, I think Jerry Nolan and David Johansen had the most innate senses of style.  After they stopped glamming it up, those two were always dripping in style.  Arthur never really had ANY sense of style, and Syl - well, he had his own style (street urchin chic?) - wasn't necessarily "stylish."

It took Johnny a while to figger his out:  Did ya ever see pics of JT in the Heartbreakers mk I (Richard Hell-era) or during his rock-bottom junkie phase where his uniform was made of torn shirts and track-line covering shirt sleeves? However, in the late 70s he was all about that street tough greasy Rock & Roll rebel look, strapping on stylish shoes and threads from London, and from 1984-ish until the end he was a pure dandy! 

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