Friday, May 25, 2012

Bootleg Time: Blondie with Special Guest Johnny Thunders!

A big shoutout to Mike Mindless for this one!!

I was never a huge fan of Blondie.  I think I listened to them more because of the New York scene they grew out of than the actual music they played!  Sure, they have a few songs that are permanently on my iPod, but when I am in the mood to Rock Out - they are never selected.  It's more for either the wife or background music, ya know?  Good enough to play but not good enough to listen to, I guess.

Well, there are exceptions to every rule - and this exception comes from a Blondie show from 6 November 1978, at the Walnut Theatre in Philly, PA.  The recording is excellent - drawn straight from a WLIR-FM radio broadcast to a reel-2-reel and then converted decades later to digital - and the big treat here is Johnny Thunders jumps on stage for the final two numbers, which are the only two tracks I bother to play!  It takes JT a few minutes to get into a groove with Bang A Gong, as he sorta noodles around with one string and comes in late on a chorus or two, but as they roll into Jet Boy...JT finds his groove. 

Overall sound is fantastic, sorta like when your local FM would broadcast live concert recordings on Saturday nights - which is exactly how this was recorded!  Ah, those were the days...


  1. This show absolutely ROCKS thanks so much for for sharing it!

    I've had the vinyl bootleg with an edited version of the show since the 1980's and have been playing those last two tracks for years. I found a torrent with the officially released tracks removed, but it's in mono.

    Finally, the full show, in Stereo, is here. It's fantastic!

    There are several decent sounding Blondie shows out there. Another one to check out - if you want to hear another brilliant version of Jet boy - is the show from May 27th 1978 at the Paradise Theatre in Boston ("Looks good in Blue" bootleg CD).

    Very few proper live Blondie CD's have been released and those that have are always edited or only feature the best known songs. It's a shame because early punk/new wave Blondie are awesome and quite different from the commercially released studio CD's

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you soooooo much for sharing such a FANTASTiQUE show! The set list, the performance, Johnny Thunders on 'Bang a Gong' Blondie sounding like what has to be, seems to be, their hottest in this show. What a great band at the time, what a great era for music.

  3. Thank you for making this recording available! Unfortunately, there's an issue with the MEGA link ("Temporarily error, retrying"): I've just contacted the MEGA support, and it seems the problem is that the file got corrupted due to a major hardware failure at their data centers a few months ago and it most certainly can't be recovered. Would you please be so kind as to share it again? I'd really love to listen to this complete show (and I'm sure I'm not the only one)!