Friday, August 29, 2014

Jabberwocky Music Festival

I picked up this Jabberwocky Festival / Event flyer at a music/video store in London earlier this month.  Although I've heard of a few of these bands - Neutral Milk Hotel, James Blake, Kurt Vile, Electric Wizard, Thee Oh Sees - the only one whose music I own is Thee Oh Sees.  Are any of the other bands worth checkin' out?

 The Electric Wizard 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Greatest African Movie Trailer. Ever?

Imagine that the Matrix bent Jackie Chan over a barrel and raped him, creating a bastard Mortal Kombat baby, which was then raped by a circa-1998 PC graphics card.  What do you get? get the trailer for B14, motherfucker!!

Record Messages: Don't Steal Chiquitia Montgomery's Frampton!

Maybe it's my tendency to occasionally generalize and racially stereotype folks, but I would never guess that someone named Chiquitia Montgomery would love her Peter Frampton Comes Alive so much that she'd sign the jacket cover, both inner sleeves, and every label with her gorgeous signature!  Maybe she was in a dorm-room nearly 40 years ago and feared people stealing her precious Frampton vinyl?

My brother bought this at Record Revolution in Cleveland at least 10 years ago, and my research found a Chiquitia Montgomery in North Carolina and Ohio.  I'm guessing she's the one in Ohio!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bootleg Time: Heartbreakers at the Electric Circus (1976)

Debbie Juvenile & Johnny Thunders, December 1976 - by Leee Black Childers
If you are looking for some solace after the passing of Heartbreakers bassist Billy Rath, head on over to Noise Addiction II for a recording of the 'Breakers 9 December set at the Electric Circus in Manchester, UK.  A slightly noisy recording, but it's worth it.  Just think, only Walter Lure is still kicking around.

Oh, and be sure to leave something in the dude's comment section!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Billy Is Bringin' His Bass Upstairs

Another Rock hero heads into the infinite.  Thanks for the good times, Billy.  Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Unreleased Debbie Harry/Robin Zander Song Rocks My Ass Off!

This is the finale from the 1983 animated film Rock & Rule.  Debbie Harry and Robin Zander (Cheap Trick's lead singer, for you youngsters) should have done more stuff together!  What makes the song great for me, and what pushes it into "Hard Rock" territory, is Chris Stein's simple, thumping bassline.

Considering the big names that participated in R&R's soundtrack (Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Iggy) it's pretty unusual that an official soundtrack LP was never released.

The only way to find this tune is as a rip from the movie, complete with sound effects and other voices.  According to the liner notes in Cheap Trick's box set, Sex, Lies, Cheap Trick, the recordings were lost.  Download the movie-rip HERE.

In 1989, Debbie Harry reworked the song and recorded Maybe For Sure, which totally sucks.  I won't even post a link to the song on my blog!  She used every late-80s studio cliche available and completely castrated the original, giving the world an impotent and pathetic snoozer that somehow managed to crack the top 100 of the UK charts.

Dick Wagner Has Gone To the Great Beyond...

Image from Stupefaction.

“Even though we know it's inevitable, we never expect to suddenly lose close friends and collaborators,” he said. “Dick Wagner and I shared as many laughs as we did hit records. He was one of a kind. He is irreplaceable.

“His brand of playing and writing is not seen anymore, and there are very few people that I enjoyed working with as much as I enjoyed working with Dick Wagner. A lot of my radio success in my solo career had to do with my relationship with Dick Wagner. Not just on stage, but in the studio and writing.

“Some of my biggest singles were ballads what I wrote with Dick Wagner. Most of Welcome to My Nightmare was written with Dick." - Alice Cooper

"Dick Wagner was the consummate gentleman axeman. [He] will be missed," KISS's Gene Simmons said in a statement, noting that Wagner played the "blistering" guitar solo on the Destroyer track "Sweet Pain." Paul Stanley said, "Dick was a stellar player and his work with Steve Hunter on Lou Reed's Rock&Roll Animal is legendary. He also did great work with Alice Cooper and uncredited ghosting on Destroyer and albums by some of our contemporaries. A huge talent with a huge tone and huge heart. A great unsung hero." - KISS